40 New Year Trivia Questions

Get ready to test your knowledge with 40 captivating New Year trivia questions! As the calendar turns, curiosity peaks about the traditions, history, and customs associated with this global celebration. Did you know that the concept of New Year resolutions dates back over 4,000 years?

New Year Trivia is a delightful way to unravel the tapestry of cultures and festivities that ring in the new year. From the mesmerizing fireworks of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge to the joyous ball drop in Times Square, each region adds its unique flair to the jubilation. These trivia questions delve into the origins of Auld Lang Syne, the ancient Roman deity Janus, and more!

Whether you’re a history buff or just curious about the world, New Year Trivia offers a fascinating journey. Discover the unexpected: like how the Babylonians were among the first to celebrate the new year, albeit in March. Explore superstitions, such as the belief that eating 12 grapes at midnight ensures good luck for each month. Let’s dive into the colorful mosaic of New Year’s customs across the globe!
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New Year Trivia



#1. What is the traditional New Year's song?

#2. Which country celebrates New Year's first?

#3. What ancient civilization first celebrated New Year around March?

#4. Which fruit is believed to bring good luck in the New Year?

#5. In which year did the Gregorian calendar replace the Julian calendar for most countries?

#6. Which Roman god is January named after?

#7. What is the Japanese New Year's Day called?

#8. What color is often associated with New Year's celebrations?

#9. In Spain, what do people traditionally eat 12 of at midnight on New Year's Eve?

#10. Which animal represents the Chinese New Year in 2023?

#11. What New Year's tradition is believed to ward off evil spirits with loud noise?

#12. Which New Year's Eve event drops in Times Square, New York City?

#13. What is "Hogmanay" traditionally celebrated in which country?

#14. In the Jewish tradition, what is the New Year called?

#15. What is the most common New Year's resolution?

#16. Which famous scientist was born on New Year's Day in 1643?

#17. What type of cake is often eaten in France on New Year's Day?

#18. Which New Year's tradition involves the "First Footer"?

#19. The New Year's Eve ball in Times Square is made of what material?

#20. Which ancient festival partly inspired New Year's celebrations?

#21. In many cultures, it's customary to kiss someone at midnight on New Year's. What does this signify?

#22. What's the traditional New Year's food in the southern United States?

#23. Which mythological creature is part of Scotland's New Year celebrations?

#24. In which country is "Dia de Ano Novo" celebrated?

#25. Which New Year's Eve tradition involves writing wishes on paper and burning them?

#26. What's the name of the New Year's Eve festival in Thailand?

#27. In Greek tradition, New Year's Day is the feast of which saint?

#28. What is "Oshogatsu" in Japanese tradition?

#29. In which country is "Revéillon" a famous New Year's tradition?

#30. What's the name of the New Year's Eve bell ringing ceremony in Moscow?

#31. Which zodiac animal represents the Chinese New Year in 2032?

#32. What's the main ingredient in "Colcannon," an Irish New Year's dish?

#33. In ancient Mesopotamia, which festival marked the New Year?

#34. Which New Year's tradition involves "Red Envelopes"?

#35. What's the New Year's festival called in Ethiopia?

#36. Which New Year's custom involves baking a coin into a cake?

#37. What's the name of the New Year's Eve street party in Rio de Janeiro?

#38. In Scotland, the "first-foot" is the first person to enter a home after the New Year. What brings good luck?

#39. What's the New Year's Eve tradition in Spain involving eating 12 grapes at midnight?

#40. What's the New Year's Eve celebration in Brazil called?


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