40 Minecraft Trivia Questions

If you’ve been playing Minecraft game for a while, you might think you’ve figured out everything. But do you know the answers to these 40 trivia questions?

There is a lot to learn in Minecraft, but thankfully, it is straightforward. Answer these basic questions to test your knowledge of Minecraft trivia Questions.
Our questions will test your brain and knowledge of the popular sandbox game that has attracted millions of gamers worldwide. Minecraft has limitless options, from manufacturing tools and building structures to battling creatures and exploring large landscapes.

Questions regarding famous blocks, rare resources, noteworthy creatures, and game mechanics await you. Discover amazing information about the development of the game, gaming methods, and the lively Minecraft community.
It’s time to show off your Minecraft expertise and embark on an exciting journey!

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Minecraft Trivia Questions



#1. What year was Minecraft first released?

#2. Which block is used to create a Nether portal?

#3. What is the primary objective in Minecraft's Survival mode?

#4. Which mob drops the Ender Pearl item?

#5. What is the name of the main character in Minecraft's default skin?

#6. Which biome is known for its tall, thin pillars of sand?

#7. What material is required to craft a bookshelf?

#8. What is the maximum level for an enchantment in Minecraft?

#9. Which dimension is home to the Wither boss?

#10. Which tool is most effective for mining diamond ore?

#11. How many blocks high is the default character model in Minecraft?

#12. Which hostile mob has the ability to teleport?

#13. How many obsidian blocks are required to build a full Nether portal?

#14. What is the name of the Minecraft dimension inspired by the Norse mythology?

#15. Which block is used to create a beacon?

#16. How many wool blocks are needed to craft a bed?

#17. What is the maximum stack size for most items in Minecraft?

#18. Which tool is used to break mob spawners and obtain them?

#19. Which block can be used to store experience points for later use?

#20. What is the name of the boss mob found in ocean monuments?

#21. How many eyes of Ender are needed to activate the End Portal?

#22. Which type of wood is exclusive to the jungle biome?

#23. What is the main food source for villagers in Minecraft?

#24. How many different types of fish can be caught in Minecraft?

#25. Which ore is primarily used to create redstone contraptions?

#26. What is the name of the aggressive, flying mob found in the Nether?

#27. How many inventory slots does a player have in Minecraft?

#28. Which biome is characterized by its giant mushrooms?

#29. What is the main ingredient needed to create a cake?

#30. Which item is used to tame and ride horses?

#31. What is the maximum height a player can fall without taking damage?

#32. Which tool is required to harvest crops such as wheat?

#33. What material is used to create a brewing stand?

#34. Which dimension is known for its abundance of lava and dangerous terrain?

#35. How many different types of music discs can be found in Minecraft?

#36. What is the name of the hostile boss mob found in woodland mansions?

#37. Which biome is characterized by its reddish-brown grass?

#38. What is the maximum level of power that a bow can be enchanted with?

#39. Which block is used to create a daylight sensor?

#40. How many different types of wood can be found in Minecraft?


Final Thoughts

How many questions did you correctly answer? Minecraft is a large game with many different things to learn, so don’t feel guilty if you didn’t get them all properly. Thank you for joining us and putting your Minecraft expertise to the test.

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