40 Greys Anatomy Trivia Questions

Grey’s Anatomy is one of television’s longest-running series. This set of 40 Grey’s Anatomy trivia questions and answers will be a lot of fun if you’re a show fan.

Step into the chaotic and captivating lives of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital doctors. This trivia collection will test your knowledge of the long-running medical drama that has captured the hearts of millions of viewers worldwide.

Whether you’re a dedicated fan who knows every medical case by heart or a newcomer eager to explore the gripping world of Grey’s Anatomy, these questions will entertain, surprise, and keep you on the edge of your seat.

So, scrub in, grab your stethoscope, and prepare for a trivia journey through the highs and lows of Grey’s Anatomy. Let the drama begin!
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Greys Anatomy Trivia Questions



#1. Who plays the character Dr. Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy?

#2. Which character has been nicknamed "McDreamy"?

#3. What is the name of the hospital where Grey's Anatomy is primarily set?

#4. Who is the Chief of Surgery in Grey's Anatomy?

#5. Which character says the famous quote, "Pick me. Choose me. Love me."?

#6. Which character suffers from the condition known as "tremor syndrome"?

#7. What is the name of Dr. Cristina Yang's specialty?

#8. Who is known for wearing a signature scrub cap with different patterns?

#9. Which character was killed off in the plane crash storyline?

#10. Which character is a former model before becoming a surgeon?

#11. What is the name of Meredith Grey's half-sister?

#12. Which character has a photographic memory?

#13. Who was known for their nickname "McSteamy"?

#14. Which character becomes the head of the Cardiothoracic Surgery department?

#15. What is the name of Dr. Meredith Grey's best friend?

#16. Which character dies due to complications from a hit-and-run accident?

#17. Who is known for their catchphrase, "Seriously"?

#18. Which character has a talent for singing?

#19. What is the name of the hospital's longest-serving attending, nicknamed "The Nazi"?

#20. Which character was initially introduced as a patient before becoming a doctor?

#21. Who is the head of the Pediatric Surgery department?

#22. Which character has a daughter named Sofia?

#23. What is the name of the spin-off series created from Grey's Anatomy?

#24. Which character suffers from OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)?

#25. Who becomes the hospital's Chief of Surgery after Dr. Richard Webber?

#26. Which character becomes a surgical intern at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital?

#27. Who adopts a baby named Zola?

#28. Which character gets hit by a bus and goes through multiple surgeries?

#29. What is the name of the hospital's annual gala event?

#30. Who is the first character to realize Dr. Meredith Grey's medical condition, "Grey's Anatomy"?

#31. Which character runs for Chief of Surgery but loses the election?

#32. Who is the youngest surgical resident in Grey's Anatomy?

#33. Which character is a renowned neurosurgeon and former mentor of Dr. Derek Shepherd?

#34. What is the name of the hospital's iconic scrub color in Grey's Anatomy?

#35. Who gives birth in the middle of a blackout at the hospital?

#36. Which character experiences a plane crash along with other doctors?

#37. Who is known for their nickname "McVet"?

#38. Which character receives the Harper Avery Award?

#39. Who has a romantic relationship with Dr. Mark Sloan?

#40. Which character becomes the hospital's Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery?


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a devoted fan or new to the series, our questions will keep you entertained and engaged. Let the Grey’s Anatomy trivia fun continue with other questions on our sites!

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