40 Cat Trivia Questions

If you own a cat, you understand how cute these creatures are. But how much do you know about their history or how their body functions? Here’s some cat knowledge that could surprise you.

Welcome to the delightful world of Cat Trivia Questions! This trivia collection will challenge your understanding of cat breeds, behavior, history, and unique quirks. Get ready to explore the fascinating feline kingdom and test your knowledge about our beloved furry friends.

So, prepare to unravel the mysteries of the perfect companions we call cats with Cat Trivia Questions. Learn interesting facts about their hunting instincts, grooming habits, and their uncanny ability to always land on their feet.

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Cat Trivia Questions



#1. Which famous cat has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

#2. What is the term for a cat's retractable claws?

#3. Which famous animated cat made its debut in the 1920s?

#4. What is the scientific name for a domestic cat?

#5. Which cat breed is known for its distinctively short legs?

#6. Which famous fictional cat is known for its mischievous behavior?

#7. Which cat breed is often referred to as the "gentle giant"?

#8. How many whiskers does the average cat have on its face?

#9. Which breed of cat is known for its lack of a tail?

#10. What is the largest domestic cat breed?

#11. What is a group of kittens called?

#12. What is the term for a group of cats?

#13. What is the smallest breed of cat?

#14. What is the world record for the tallest domestic cat?

#15. Which famous character is a cat in Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"?

#16. What is the term for a cat's rough, sandpaper-like tongue?

#17. What is the term for a hairball that cats may cough up?

#18. What is the term for a cat's long, stiff hairs on its face?

#19. How many hours per day does the average cat sleep?

#20. Which cat breed is known for its lack of fur?

#21. How many toes does a normal cat have on its front paws?

#22. Which famous cat has its own line of merchandise, including plush toys?

#23. What is the average lifespan of an indoor cat?

#24. Which ancient civilization worshipped cats?

#25. Which organ in a cat allows it to purr?

#26. What is the world record for the largest number of kittens born to a cat?

#27. Which breed is known for its curly fur?

#28. Which famous scientist conducted an experiment known as "Schrödinger's Cat"?

#29. What is the condition called when a cat's fur stands on end?

#30. What is the national cat of Russia?

#31. How many colors can a calico cat have?

#32. What is the most popular breed of cat in the United States?

#33. What is the term for a cat's vertical leap from a standing position?

#34. Which breed of cat has a distinctive "folded" ear appearance?

#35. Which sense in cats is highly developed, allowing them to see in almost total darkness?

#36. Which organ in a cat allows it to taste scents in the air?

#37. Which country is known for the breed called the "Scottish Fold"?

#38. How fast can a domestic cat run in short bursts?

#39. Which breed of cat is known for its blue eyes and color-pointed fur?

#40. What is the average weight of an adult domestic cat?


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