40 Ancient Medieval Trivia Questions

The ancient and medieval periods are some of the most fascinating and important periods in human history. These periods saw the rise and fall of great civilizations, the development of new technologies, and the spread of new ideas. These questions will test your knowledge of these fascinating times.

What is ancient and medieval trivia? Ancient and medieval trivia is a type of trivia question that is related to the ancient and medieval periods. These questions can be about the history, the culture, or the people of these periods. For example, “What was the name of the first emperor of Rome?” is an ancient and medieval trivia question because it is about the history of the Roman Empire.

So, are you ready to test your knowledge of the ancient and medieval periods? If so, then give these 40 questions a try. See how many you can answer correctly. And don’t forget to share your score with your friends and family!

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Ancient Medieval Trivia



#1. What ancient civilization built the Great Pyramid of Giza?

#2. The famous "Iliad" and "Odyssey" epics are attributed to which ancient Greek poet?

#3. What was the capital of the Roman Empire during its height?

#4. In which century did the Viking Age begin?

#5. The "Silk Road" was a network of trade routes that connected which two major regions?

#6. What ancient city is known for the "Hanging Gardens," one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?

#7. Which famous conqueror created one of the largest empires in history, stretching from Greece to India?

#8. The Code of Hammurabi is associated with which ancient civilization?

#9. What important document signed in 1215 limited the power of the English monarchy?

#10. The city of Pompeii was famously destroyed by the eruption of which volcano?

#11. The famous playwright Sophocles was from which ancient city-state?

#12. What ancient empire was known for its use of chariots and the construction of the Great Wall?

#13. Which medieval English king is known for his role in the Third Crusade and the legend of Robin Hood?

#14. The "Domesday Book" was a survey of land ownership in which medieval country?

#15. The "Bayeux Tapestry" depicts the events leading up to which famous medieval battle?

#16. What medieval Christian military order was founded during the Crusades and became known for its knights?

#17. What ancient Greek philosopher is known for his Socratic method of questioning?

#18. The city of Constantinople served as the capital of which medieval empire?

#19. Which ancient civilization built the city of Carthage and engaged in the Punic Wars with Rome?

#20. What medieval conflict between England and France lasted from 1337 to 1453?

#21. The philosopher Confucius lived during which ancient Chinese dynasty?

#22. What medieval cathedral is known for its stunning architecture and the "Flying Buttresses"?

#23. The "Black Death" pandemic in the 14th century was caused by what disease?

#24. Which ancient empire was known for its extensive road network called the "Royal Road"?

#25. What medieval scientist and philosopher is often called the "Father of Empiricism"?

#26. The "Song of Roland" is an epic poem from which medieval European country?

#27. What ancient civilization is known for its hieroglyphic writing system and impressive pyramids?

#28. Which medieval Italian city-state was known for its banking and powerful families like the Medici?

#29. The "Samurai" were warriors of which ancient civilization?

#30. What medieval battle in 1066 resulted in the Norman conquest of England?

#31. Which ancient Chinese philosopher emphasized harmony with nature and simplicity?

#32. What medieval king of Scotland is known for his victory at the Battle of Bannockburn?

#33. The "Magna Carta" laid the foundation for what principle of governance?

#34. What ancient civilization is known for its ziggurats and the epic of Gilgamesh?

#35. The medieval "Feudal System" was characterized by the exchange of land for what service?

#36. What ancient Greek city-state is considered the birthplace of democracy?

#37. The "Anglo-Saxon Chronicle" is a historical record from which medieval country?

#38. What ancient empire was known for its highly disciplined and organized military called the "Legion"?

#39. The "Magna Carta" was signed during the reign of which medieval English king?

#40. What ancient civilization built the "Terracotta Army" to guard the tomb of their first emperor?

#41. The medieval "Hanseatic League" was a trading alliance of cities in which region?


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